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Product Series:

● Betaine Anhydrous: 96% Betaine Anhydrous     98% Betaine Anhydrous      75% Betaine Anhydrous      Betaine Monohydrate

● Betaine Hydrochloride: 98%Betaine Hydrochloride     97% Betaine Hydrochloride       95% Betaine Hydrochloride   

● Betaine Powder:30% Betaine Powder

Physical and Chemical Property:

● Chemical Name: 1-carboxyl-N.N.N-Trimethylaminoethyl lactone
   Betaine Anhydrous structural formula: (CH
   Molecular weight: 117.15;Betaine Hydrochloride structural formula:(CH
33-N-CH2-COOH·HCL,Molecular weight: 153.61;
   Betaine Monohydrate structural formula:(CH3)3-N-CH2-COOH·H2O, Molecular weight: 135.16.

● Betaine anhydrous and betaine monohydrate are white to yellowish crystalline particles or hygroscopic powder.

● Betaine hydrochloride is white crystalline and hygroscopic particles. pH=0.8~1.2.

● Betaine powder is white gray and free flowing powder.

Application Scope:

● Livestock, poultry, rare bird and aquatic animal.

● Nutrient substance of amino acid and vitamin production.

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