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Product Series:

● oil: ethoxyquin-98 oil, ethoxyquin-95 oil

● powder:ethoxyquin-66 powder, ethoxyquin-33 powder

Ethoxyquin-98 OilEthoxyquin≥98
Ethoxyquin-95 OilEthoxyquin≥95
Ethoxyquin-66 PowderEthoxyquin66.6
Ethoxyquin-33 PowderEthoxyquin30~33

Physical and Chemical Property:

● Chemical Name: 6-ethoxy-2,2,4-triemthyl-1,2-dihydro-quinoline Molecular formula: C14H19NO;Molecular weight: 217. 30.

● Appearance: Ethoxyquin-95 Oil, Ethoxyquin-98 Oil: yellow to brown sticky liquid;

       Ethoxyquin-66 Powder: brown free-flowing powder;

       Ethoxyquin-33 Powder: light to deep brown free-flowing powder.

● Nature: It will be oxidized and color changed when contacted with air or light, but not affected its anti-oxidative action.

Application Scope:

● Suitable to the concentrated feed, compound feed, premix, fish meal, grease, bone meal, vitamin and natural pigment etc.

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